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Am an Artist But An Upcoming, I classify myself as a Multi-talent boy, am expert in surfing the internet & I can do many thing on it except the ones I don't care to do, Am also into business so endowed that's my natural gift by making sales to owner of businesses but the most painful things is that after I aid people getting buyer for their stuff they betrayed me by not fulfilling promise base on our discussion but today am wise, if you're not sharp & wise people out there will teach you , yea am wise today..

Am also endowed in music I entered studio with one of my nigga in abuja called Slow'd we released Three Good Track but as Nigeria economic betrayed the pocket we couldn't work together I left Abuja Down to Lagos where my parents live to start a new life.. Now am having more than 100+ single I haven't release, if you're there as a label to sign me feel free to reach me and get me sign am ready 2-4-7..
My music you're about to download or listen to is free not for sale , feel the tune & sound, here is three tracks I released click below to get it:

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