Disturbing Photos: See What Passenger Did to a Bike Man

Physinews Reports: According to Facebook user friends post see what he post below:
See what a passenger did to a 19 yrs old
okada....and got away with the motorcycle and
the cyclist's phone and was apprehended by
the men of the Nigeria police force, Onna
divisional headquarter......One Inyang
(surname withheld) nearly killed a cyclist who

carried him from Onna head bridge down to his
house at Ikot ebekpo village in onna to change
his clothes and then take him back to the head
According a police officer who made the
arrest...it was gathered that the after taking
him to the house to change, on their way going
back the passenger directed the cyclist to take
a turn into the newly commissioned Okat road
in Onna for him to pick a gallon of diesel he
claimed to have drop somewhere along the
road and on getting there.... He now pulled out
a machete and started cutiing the bike man
from the head and dumped inside the nearby
The victim bleeded from around 8:20pm when
the incident happen till the following morning.
The incident took place at about 8:20pm on
Sunday evening
The culprit have arrested and the boy taken to
the hospital
Please help me type Amen....if u pray for his
quick recovery

ScreenShot of the post below:

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