Cleaning Solution To Make Your Bathroom Shine!

Physinews Daily Health Tips: Probably often you buy expensive
detergents to clean your house. But they
can be very dangerous. Prepare at home
an excellent bleach gap between the tiles
and clean the tiles in our bathroom or

Make the following mixture:
• 7 cups water (1.5 liters)
• ½ cup baking soda
• ¼ cup lemon juice
• ¼ cup vinegar.

Melt the soda into 1.5 liters of water.
lemon juice the vinegar. Wait a minute.
Now the mixture is ready. You, also, need
your old toothbrush. Soak the brush in the
mixture and start to rub the gap between the
The result is amazing! You will be impressed
by the shine of your tiles.

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