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We used to believed that brain function
normally gets to its
optimum during early adulthood after
which there will be a
decline, causing lapses in memory
during our golden years.

We can now say categorically that our
modern lifestyle plays
a significant role in contributing to the
decline in our
memory, which is why exposure to
toxins, chemicals, poor
diet, lack of sleep, stress, and much
more can actually
hinder the functioning of your brain.

good side about all
this is in the fact that as bad lifestyle
destroys the brain, an
healthy one will make it better. Our
brain regenerates fast
on a daily basis and with the right
ingredients this will
optimize our functioning.

Lets begin Foods That improve brain Function:

Healthy fats
Yes you saw that right. The majority of
your brain is actually
made up of healthy fats which includes
the omega-3 fatty
acid and this is the most important fats
there is. So we can
safely deduce that if we want our brains
to regenerate
optimally they will need a lot of those
healthy fats. Foods
that are rich in omega-3 include canola
oil, eggs, walnuts,
salmon fish, soya bean, pecans,
almonds, mackerel fish,oysters,etc.

I know majority of us know the various
importance of eating
vegetables. Lets just say this is re-
emphasizing its
importance because now you know it
also improves your
brain function. Vegetables contain anti-
oxidants that limit
the damage to brain cells including
vitamins E, folic acid, etc.
Foods include carrots, various green
leaf vegetables,
broccoli, cabbage,etc.

In as much as I told you about the
benefits of drinking water
in Why You Should Drink A lot Of Water
Everyday, you
should now see that you mustn’t do
without it at all. The
body can easily be starved of water
since its made up of
mostly water. So even the body is
slightly dehydrated it will
affect brain function.

I know a lot of us will not expect this
but it is needed by the
brain. The brain functions majorly on
sugar but it must be
delivered steadily to it. Fiber helps in
slowing down the absorption of sugar
thereby optimizing the functioning of
the brain; no overloads. Foods rich in
fiber include brown
rice, pear, apples, beans, almonds,
spinach, dates, etc.

Dark chocolate
This is a dangerous one because of the
fear of abusing it.
Dark chocolate contains flavonols
which improve blood
vessel function which in turn improves
brain function.

Chocolates also contain some
antioxidants and improves

Other tips;
Exercise adequately; this helps your
brain work at optimum.
Stop multitasking your brain it will slow
you down
Always get a good night’s sleep
Challenge your brain;
play brain IQ games or master a new

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