Bus Crash Left 26 Dead Caused By 'Suicidal' Driver

The bus burst into flames before crashing, investigators say
Physinews Sad Reports: A bus crash that left 26 dead was caused by a
"suicidal" driver who deliberately set the
vehicle on fire, investigators believe.
The driver and all his 25 passengers were killed
when the tour bus caught fire and smashed
into a barrier on a highway in Taiwan in July.

Taiwanese authorities said they believe Su
Ming-cheng poured petrol over the driver's seat
and the floor of the bus near the exit before
setting it alight with a lighter.

They had previously said he was drunk.
Local prosecutors said in a statement: "(Su),
who was drunk driving, committed suicide by
pouring gasoline and setting a fire, killing other

An investigation of his phone records in the
days before the crash found that his relatives
had pleaded with him not to take his own life.

Relatives of some of the 25 passengers who died were distraught as they attended the funerals
Authorities also said he was a regular drinker
with a history of violence.

At the time of his death, he was facing two
lawsuits for sexual assault and fighting with a
tour guide, both carried out while he was drunk.

"Because of this, Su was depressed,"
prosecutors added.
Su was briefly suspended by his employer in
May for a different altercation with a tour guide.

The job driving a Chinese group of tourists from
China's northeastern city of Dalian was his first
after returning to work.

The crash prompted Chinese authorities to
insist that Taiwan improve safety for those
visiting from the mainland.

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