All Newborn Babies Will Be #Microchipped From December 2016

Physinews Reports : It was recently found out about an
information that will definitely shock you
as much as it shocked and disturbed us.
It is claimed that every newborn
European baby, starting from December
2016, will have to receive in a
subcutaneous microchip that will track
their every movement beginning from
the moment they’re born, until their
very last day alive.

As a Finish newspaper writes, distributed to
doctors and medical students, there’s no
more time of changing the mind controlling
technologies and medical medicine’s
direction, and we can only expect our
freedom in future.

Numerous sources report that beginning
from December 2016, every newborn baby
in Europe will have to be injected with a
RFID chip.

The purpose of the microchip will be that of
a GPS sensor.

It will have a micro-disposable battery
which will have to be switched every 2
years in a state clinic, and that is for every

The recorded data will be kept as well as
sent to smartphones or tablets with specific
apps which will provide real-time
monitoring of the baby’s condition and
health to parents and doctors.

This technology is real since it was already
approved for human use by the FDA,
therefore it’s surely not a science-fiction,

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