3 Proven Ways To Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat

Physinews Daily Health Tips: Everyone knows that being overweight can
increase our risk of serious health problems.
However, most people don’t realize that not
all fat distribution is equal. Accumulating fat
under our arms and thighs, for instance, is
more of a cosmetic concern than a cause for
significant medical alarm. Yes, we are better

off without it and should endeavor to remove
it, but fat in these areas is more likely to
make us feel bloated rather than send us to
the emergency room in the immediate future.

In reality, the most serious problems
associated with being overweight, such as
heart disease and type 2 diabetes, are
overwhelmingly caused by a build-up of
abdominal fat. Abdominal fat, which is also
called belly fat or visceral fat, is the fat that
lodges itself against our major organs and
compromises their ability to function properly

— a state of affairs which, if left unchecked,
can lead to an early death. Fortunately, the
following lifestyle changes are known to help
remove abdominal fat in a natural manner.

1. Reduce carbohydrate intake
Studies have shown that cutting carbs is an
extremely effective way to lose abdominal fat.
For example, a study published in The
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found
that participants who restricted their
carbohydrate intake over a 2-week period
experienced significantly decreased liver
triglycerides when compared to the control
group. Another study, published in the journal
Nutrition & Metabolism, discovered that there
was a “clear benefit of a [very low
carbohydrate ketogenic] over [low fat] diet for
short-term body weight and fat loss,
especially in men.” Significantly, the low carb
diet demonstrated a “preferential loss of fat in
the trunk region.”
Though there are numerous reasons why a
reduction in carbs contribute to fat loss,
perhaps the biggest one is that most carbs
(especially whole grains) have an extremely
high glycemic load. According to cardiologist
Dr. William Davis, modern wheat is especially
notorious in this regard, and eating too much
of it can result in significant abdominal fat
accumulation — the dreaded “wheat belly.”
2. Avoid refined sugar
Refined sugar is one of the most destructive
ingredients in the Standard American Diet,
and countless studies link sugar
consumption to overall weight gain. However,
a study published in The Journal of Clinical
Investigation has also shown that a
consumption of sugar (specifically, fructose-
sweetened beverages) is responsible for
increasing abdominal fat in overweight and
obese adults — a result that shouldn’t really
be surprising, since our livers are forced to
turn fructose into fat when it is flooded with
refined sugar. Therefore, losing those last few
pounds of belly fat might be as simple as
avoiding high-sugar processed foods in favor
of whole foods.
3. Engage in more aerobic exercise
While all exercise can potentially remove belly
fat in the long-term, aerobic exercise (such
as running and swimming) seems to be
especially effective in this regard. Research
published in the International Journal of
Obesity, for instance, showed a clear link
between aerobic exercise and visceral fat
reduction. A review featured in Obesity
Reviews reached a similar conclusion, noting
that “aerobic exercise is central for exercise
programmes aimed at reducing [visceral
adipose tissue]

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