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#CrimeAgainstHumanity Boy Macheted By Fulani Herdsmen In Nasarawa While Harvesting Cashew Nuts ***Graphic Photos***
Scammer  Corper Arraigned Over £12.5m Internet Fraud ***Photo***
Man Caught His Wife Pants Down With Another Man And This Happened After *** Photos***
Parents, Teachers Panic As Lunatic, Hoodlums Take Over Ekiti School
Three Ladies Disgraced After Being Caught Stealing At A Boutique (Photos)
Their Plan Was To Abduct Alhaji In His Residence See What Happened To Them
Man Lives With Corpse For 72 Hours To Conceal Crime In Rivers State
Policeman Shoots Passenger On East-West Road Over Explanation On Tinted Permit
 Man Caught Having Sex With Underage Ebonyi Girl See What Happened To Him
This Man Did This and See What Nigerian Police Did To Him ***Graphic Photos***
63-Year-Old Lecturer Caught Raping 6-Year-Old Girl In Bayelsa And This Happened ***Photos***
Jungle Justice: See What Angry Mob Did To Goat Thief In Niger *** Photos And Video***
Lawyer Narrates How Man Slapped Her After Scratching Her Car & Police Supported
Fuel Station Director Stabs Manager To Death Because Of This In Anambra ***Photos***
Lady Electrocuted To Death By High Tension Cable In Lagos When Trying To Do This
Goat Thieves Caught And Paraded With The Goat They Stole And This Happened After ***Photos***
Five  Deadly Bandits Caught In Zamfara Market While Buying Food Stuffs
Armed Robbers Attack Gtbank In Surulere, Lagos In Broad Daylight, Shoot Man And Also Did This
Dismissed Soldier Rapes 3-year-old Girl In Abuja, Threatens Family Of This
*** Photos*** Pastor Rapes Lady, Cut Her Hair With Blade, Clean Her Up With Handkerchief and Also Did This